by Caitlyn Bailey

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1. ...so this is home this is our home these are our lives these are our hopes these are our dreams what do we stand for and how do we stand for it? what do we live for and how do we live for it? this is D.C. and we come from all across the city with our hopes and our dreams inked on our sleeves. this is who we are and we wouldn't change it for the world. we are D.C., we are D.C.
Peduran 01:47
2. peduran we spoke into the sun as the curtain fell on us. my hands were spread across the span of oceans and continents, arrogantly raised as if there was nothing else here. "and there was nothing else here", we said.
Merisi 03:38
3. merisi dear mom, i swear to god we'll make them pay for every single time dad left us here. we'll make them pay for every single ounce of pain, every single missing day, every single missing hour, every single missing breath. dear mom, I swear to god we’ll make them pay.
4. object permanence let's go to sleep for the better half of the year, i think we deserve it more than anyone. days overlap and nights bleed together, taking suns and sunsets, swallowing them whole. fate took our sky and our clouds but we'll fall asleep knowing we won this battle with circumstance with our scent in the air and our song in the background. my history is an open book, and your tongue is an uncapped marker. black out the old pages, rewrite them brand new. black the old pages out, draw us where they used to be.


released August 1, 2008

Francis Maria - vocals/samples
Mia Nakano - vocals
Paeng Pulgar - guitar/vocals
Eric Adamos - guitar
Koy Gameng - bass
Jireh Asis - drums

Francis Maria - vocals/samples
Paeng Pulgar - guitar/vocals
Koy Gameng - bass
Jireh Asis - drums

ym: xtreblinkalovescenex

Each and every person who listens to us gives us the pleasure of somehow being a part of someone else’s life. Each and every time you listen to us, you give us the pleasure of somehow being in yours.

People like you are the reason the hardcore scene exists. People like you keep it strong.

Thank you for everything and may every footstep we take echo your name until the very end.


HR #1




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