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by Taciturn / Anemone

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released February 12, 2009

Taciturn is: Tieu (vocals), Max (guitar), Bast (bass), Simon (drums).
All music and lyrics written and performed by Taciturn except "L'eternité pour nous" co-written with x Miko x.
Recorded and mixed by LioneL at studio 4 ligugé in december 2007.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New Jersey, in march 2008.

We would like to thank our family and friends for their support, Anton at Hidden Rainbows Records, Desormais Records, Fafutis and all Hey Hey! Records crew, Thiery aka "La Mule" at Abitbol Records, Greg at Theatre Records, Manuele at Respira Records, Art at Vinyl Kisses Records, Pol at Hellgate Records, Maik (Dekor Labor) and Ponyhell Records for his work on the artwork, make them scream asso, Tof and Roms, x Miko x at crust crew, Lucien aka lulu, Wilow, Lionel, Julien @ Magicians longskate wear, Choco @ Llorah and Celeste, Jajard, Tanen, Anemone, La theorie, all bands we played with, everyone who helped us and came to shows.

Contact Max at noisymax@hotmail.fr
Write to us for booking at myspace.com/desormaisprod


Anemone is: Jussi Haavisto (bass and vocals), Karl Nilsson (guitar and vocals), Gustav Berg (vocals), Gustav Axelsson (drums). Additional vocals by Andreas Gunnarsson.
Recorded by Anemone at Studio Satan 666, early 2008.

We would like to thank Taciturn for being patient with us and organizing everything! Joel and Mattis for supplying us with equipment, Barbro for lending us her basement, Dekor Labor for the artwork.



HR #2

Released on CD in cooperation with:
Vinyl Kisses (1st Kiss; Kirov, Russia)




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Track Name: Taciturn - L'eternité Pour Nous
1. L'eternité pour nous
un peu de raison, les saisons sont longues, sublimées par la durée,
l'instant semblait révé, le ciel parlait pour nous
en cet instant d'egoïsme absolu
je parlais en notre nom, plus désireux de réaliser mes rêves
que de comprendre les tiens
la raison n'intervenait pas ici,
seulement ce désir de me retrouver.
ce fut facile pour moi,
après tout
le ciel parlait pour moi.
Track Name: Taciturn - Amorphe
2. Amorphe
L'incohérence m'habite. Je deteste ce que j'aime (mais)
L'amour n'existe que dans la perte. Dans un dernier effort
je pendrais vos cadavre sous vos toits les cadavres (de mes erreurs) fais le!!!
Et puis je succomberai a ces années, pour me recinstruir un moi concret,
et puis je succomberai a ces années, pour y retomber a jamais.
Track Name: Taciturn - Sending Emails To 1850's Far West
3. Sending emails to 1850's far west

unable to feel anything
unable to learn anything

cores instead of hearts
the things inside our hearts are only informations
and we cannot understand what we feel.

will we ever be able to gain a human state?
will we be able able to get back what was ours?
we send sos in a web of binary informations
it's like sending emails to 1850's far west
it's useless, we won't be received
Track Name: Taciturn - One Day Butterfly
4. One day butterfly
Every day is a new birth, every night we die, killed by our fucking dreams! at the morning
we wake up with the memory of our past lives. WE are butterflies looking for a place to die...
One day butterfly doesn't care and live the best from every moment... And so do we.
Track Name: Taciturn - Lo Que Muere
5. Lo que muere
Sus impotencias y incapacidades en pensar con refleja todo lo malo hecho por la sociedad.
Suelen absorbar las imagenes veiculadas por los medias quieren acceptar darles sus
percepciones de tal sociedad. No es mas que el reflejo dirigido por ojos que no son soyos!
La cultura se muere y nadie se preocupa. Individualismo rena y acabara reducir en nada cada
intento de cambio. Se vuelven en la antitesis de la norma.
Track Name: Taciturn - Untitled Traditional Song
6. Untitled traditional song
This ain't a song about the same stuff again, I'm tired of writing my sickness 'bout this
world, tired of thinking about lost love. Those lines have no purpose and can't even have
a real name. This is an untitled song with useless lyrics. PEACE.
Track Name: Taciturn - We Are The Discodancers
7. We are the discodancers
We are the discodancers, as you see us on the dancefloors, dancing so hard and having fun.
You have to know one thing though, we'll stay young 'til the day we...
So come one and dance with, we're not what you think. Only distant ghosts without a care...
We are not only discodancers. Life is a so precious gift you'd better not waste with sterile
struggle... So see me as I am, a kid trying to escape one moment from reality, leaving his dreams.
I am you with another face, only you with another face!
Track Name: Anemone - Städer Städer
9. Städer städer / Cities cities
städer nu ska vi krossa din dröm
cities now we are going to shatter your dream

jag betraktar - detsamma
jag ser skogen och möglet
I behold - the same
I see the woods and the mould

in these times I resort to hope, don't abandon me.
Track Name: Anemone - Blodsgåvor
10. Blodsgåvor / Heritage
ge mig någonstans att ligga
give me a place to rest
Track Name: Anemone - Ny Dag, Samma Dag
11. Ny dag, samma dag / New day, same day
det är här vi slutar och du och jag tar vid
this is where we end and you and I begin

I resent in infamy, won't take chance won't take a chance

min dröm är fylld av terror
mitt liv är fyllt av hat
Track Name: Anemone - En Fast Punkt
12. En fast punkt / Something to hold on to
sorger finns inte
sorrow does not exist

tung är den bördans rättslösa längtan
vi som vill ha mer har inget att hämta
i takt med traumats benhårda slagverk framställer vi
morgondagens lik
Track Name: Anemone - Ett Andetag
13. Ett andetag / A breath
och när ni ligger där på era döda sinnen ska blodet lysa starkt. och all den kärlek som gått er miste...
so when you lay there on your dead senses the blood shall shine bright. and all the love that slipped through your fingers...

endless, open heart, let down, let down

sliten, slagen, slukad och tagen
torn, beaten, devoured and taken